St. Paul's Alumni Converge for the Annual Dinner

The evening of Friday 17th of March, 2023 will be etched in the memories of St. Paulian's forever. It accorded them an opportunity to reconnect, catch up, network and wrap up their busy schedules for the week

in song, dance and merry making. They converged at the Desmond Tutu Conference Center along Waiyaki Way beginning from 6.00 pm. Themed "Re-awakening the Alumni Association", the event was organized by the Dean of Students Office and St. Paul’s University Alumni Association, with the blessing of His Grace the Most Rev. Dr. Jackson Ole Sapit-Chairman of the University Council. The memorable event was graced by members of the University Council, Board of Management and Senate.

During the event, the Corporate Affairs Department delivered a presentation on SPU’s rich history dating back to 1875 in Frere Town, at the Kenyan Coast. The presentation show cased the sequential growth and expansion of infrastructure at the main campus, inception of satellite campuses and their subsequent development, and growth in the staff and student population as well as capacity building. Alumni present also listened to notable testimonials from fellow alumni. The celebrated Kayamba Africa band also took to the stage to entertain the guests and put their dancing skills to test. Such a thrilling way of ushering in the weekend!

Attendees were treated to a sumptuous dinner prepared by the best chefs in town. The buffet served comprised of mouth-watering starters, a rich blend of cuisines to pick from coupled with plenty of sauces to garnish the food, deserts, not to mention the rich blend of juices and cocktails.

The alumni captured every bit of the auspicious event on camera for memories. They were grateful to the university for organizing such an event and looked forward to similar meet ups in the foreseeable future.