SPU Marks Examination Integrity Week

Integrity cannot be overemphasized in our day-to-day lives. The value can the pave way for infinite possibilities that would otherwise be impossible, enable one to win the trust of individuals and groups

of people and subsequently reap numerous benefits that come with it and set an individual or organization apart from the rest. On the other hand, lack of integrity often results in adverse consequences. At St. Paul’s university, integrity, one of the institution’s core values is inherent to our culture such that measures have been put in place to enforce it every aspect of the institution’s operations.

The Examination Integrity Week is one of the measures put in place to promote the value. The Examination Integrity Week is one measures put in place to promote the value. During this season students are sensitized on the importance of upholding integrity and measures of realizing the same. They are urged to adhere to examination rules and shun engaging in irregularities such as cheating, impersonation, plagiarism just to mention a few. Cheating is treated as a serious academic offense at St. Paul’s University, punishable within the confines of the Code of Conduct. It could lead to a one-year suspension for the institution.

For this year’s January-May semester, the integrity week will be observed from Monday, March 27th 2023 to Thursday 6th April 2023. Campaigns to popularize integrity among the SPU community have been sponsored on Social media, Email and physical gatherings to encourage students to uphold integrity as it promotes honesty, trustworthiness, fairness, responsibility, respect, dignity, transparency in all aspects of academic pursuit.