Students' Academic Trip to the Senate

Over the years, St. Paul's University has set itself apart through provision of a holistic education. An exciting campus life is what awaits the students' fraternity owing to a rich blend of extracurricular activities that complement knowledge acquisition in class: sports, drama, spiritual formation,

conferences, networking and exchange programmes just to mention a few. It is in light of this that Senator Tabitha Mutinda Munene was hosted at SPU courtesy of the Africa Youth Leadership Forum (AYLF)-SPU Chapter for a public Lecture. Students not only benefited from the insight on leadership but also scholarships for the International Certificate in Digital Literacy (ICDL), lunch courtesy of the Senator and academic trip to the Senate. Systematic implementation of benefits culminated in the Academic trip to Senate on Thursday 24th March 2024. Donned in official wear, representatives of the AYLF club led by madam Grace Kinyanjui-Njeru, the Patron made their way into Parliament buildings 9.00 am. With the Clerk's guidance, the team walked through the corridors of power to familiarize themselves with the surroundings. The brief tour was succeeded by a few insights on the legislative processes and the team joining Honourable members for a live senate session. The Speaker's gallery played host to the St. Paulians.

This visit not only accorded students the rare opportunity of gaining a first hand experience of the National Assembly but also ignited the leadership disposition in them, and challenged them to begin nurturing their respective leadership journies. The students alluded to looking forward to occupy the premises in future in various capacities that would contribute towards transformation of society, in line with university's mission.