Manuscript Development and Proposal Writing Workshop for Faculty and Students

St. Paul’s University (SPU) in partnership with Malawi’s Kamuzu University of Health Sciences through its Africa Center of Excellence in Public Health and Herbal medicine (ACEPHEM) is hosting a faculty exchange programme, at the main campus in Limuru

that will run for two weeks starting Monday 16th October 2023. The two-week workshop has brought together seven (7) members of faculty and twenty three (23) students from Malawi, fifty (50) post-graduate students from SPU and online attendees from different universities.

The manuscript development and research proposal writing trainings will run parallel to each other throughout the workshop; and will accord participants an opportunity to network with their counterparts from various institutions in addition to sharpening their research and writing skills. Learning outcomes for the proposal writing trainings:

  1. Acquisition of practical skills on proposal writing by participants for instance, the structure of a research paper: Introduction, methodology, results and discussion
  2. Development/improving of their proposals at individual or group levels

The two-weeks of learning will enhance mastery of critical research concepts that will be instrumental in their teaching, academic and research journey. This training was preceded two forums, that occasioned tremendous improvement in the quality of research papers among faculty and staff; whose output transformed the landscape of their respective disciplines at national and international levels. We look forward to more similar forums in the foreseeable future.