Master of Arts in Communication Studies


The society at large, and the media industry in particular, requires communication professionals who are equipped and responsive to emerging communication opportunities and trends. The demand for skilled communicators exceeds the supply of trained professionals. The Master’s programme, therefore, aims to produce communication professionals who are proficient and able to meet societal and professional demands.

Goals of the Programme

The goals of the programme are to:

  • Prepare students for leadership and service in communication-related functions in agencies, non-governmental and corporate organizations, and other institutions.
  • Provide advanced academic training that broadens academic knowledge, research and analytical skills in communication.
  • Offer learning environments that prepare potential thinkers, trainers, researchers and policy designers in the area of communication.
  • Equip students for further postgraduate studies in communication and related fields.

Areas of Specialization

  • Corporate Communication
  • Development Communication
  • Media Studies

Admission Requirements

i) B.A. / BSc. in Communication, Journalism, Media Studies, Film Studies, Public Relations, Literature or any relevant social science field with at least second class honours (upper division) from an accredited University.

ii) A bachelor’s degree in a related field with at least second class (lower division) from a recognized University, with two years working experience.

iii) Applicants who have undertaken their undergraduate work in another language, other than English, will be required to produce proof of English Language proficiency.

Modes of Study



Full time: Two (2) years (4 Semesters).