Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology


The Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology programme is aimed at developing a professional counselor at the proficiency level of a Master’s degree. The program content, organized into theory, clinical practice and research in African Counseling Psychotherapy is designed to provide advanced studies in the Counseling discipline. One essential component of this programme is the interdisciplinary approach to Counseling and inclusion of practicums. In the course of training, a trainee will undertake at least 15 sessions of professional counseling in order to appreciate counseling from a client’s perspective, resolve and be transformed for effective, efficient and competent counseling with minimal counter transference. Furthermore, trainees will attend practical practicums at particular service centers to increase practical knowledge.

Consistent with the university’s philosophy, the programme will uphold Christian ecumenism by providing quality service and adhering to high academic standards as inspired by the Christian Faith and values. Integration of Christianity and Psychology will offer a broad base academic and experiential exposure to the science of behavior that guides the work on Counseling Psychologist.

Goal of the Programme

To nurture competent counselors who can play participatory role in the society manifested by servant leadership by imparting knowledge skills and values through creative methods of teaching, research and spiritual formation.

Admission Requirements

An undergraduate degree from an accredited institution of higher learning preferably a BA degree with a major in Counseling, Psychology, Religious Studies, Counseling Psychology/ Counseling and Guidance or a Bachelor of Divinity (BD), Bachelor of Theology (BTh) with at least an upper Second class honors; or

A Bachelors degree with a lower Second Class Honors and two years work experience in a related field, or

A Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.0 on 4.0 scale (B+) or the equivalent, from an accredited University.

, or a Master of Divinity (MDiv)degree


Two (2) years (4 Semesters).


Modes of Study