Board of Post Graduate Studies


The Board of Postgraduate Studies of St. Paul’s University envisions itself as an efficient Board dedicated to excellent postgraduate training and research and production of highly qualified manpower for global service in keeping with the broader University Vision. The Board is charged with the responsibility of promoting and coordinating postgraduate programmes and research through partnership with faculties and relevant departments/organizations within and outside St. Paul’s University.

The Board recognizes the need of preparing its students in a sound and effective way so that they may make a positive and quality contribution to the total life of the organizations and communities in which they serve. In order to achieve the goals of the Board, students are required to carry out research and present their findings through such accepted forms of documentation as dissertations, research papers, term papers, assignments, reports, and the like to qualify for the awards of various degrees, diplomas, certificates, and other credits of the University.

The following guidelines are offered to assist postgraduate students in the basics of research and academic writing. The guidelines will also help the dissertation supervisors and examiners in performing their roles. These guidelines are neither exhaustive nor exclusive. Students are advised to consult their supervisors for further assistance.