Diploma in Peace Building and Conflict Resolution


Diploma in Peace and Conflict Studies (DPCS) at St Paul’s University (SPU) seeks to impart students with skills and knowledge in peace studies and conflict studies. The program will offer courses in the areas of peace and conflict studies to enable students to become effective negotiators, mediators and arbitrators. It introduces students to concepts, ideas and theories on peace and conflict, and prepares them for careers as middle level workers as well as further education in other fields. The diploma program seeks to expose students to the complexity and variety of peace and conflict studies at local, national and regional levels especially Africa. Students are given the necessary tools to understand and critically study and analyze conflict situations and how to deal with them.

They are given tools, knowledge and skills which they can use to evaluate the merits of particular strategies of creation of peace and resolution of conflict in order to facilitate development. The program equips students with necessary skills for critical thinking and robust imagination, good decision-making, administration, research, professional reading and writing, and capacity to fit in any career path in a quickly changing world, as well as helping in solving some of the development problems in the world. Besides proving training in the areas of peace and conflict studies the diploma program will also serve as a preparation for B.A degree at SPU and other universities.


  • Explain the meaning of peace and conflict studies in the modern world and implications on development.
  • Enlarge their knowledge base on key issues, concepts, methodologies, techniques and processes of studying and understanding peace and conflict.
  • Describe different approaches of studying and understanding peace and issues emerging from conflict situations and processes.
  • Discuss emerging trends in peace and conflict studies.
  • Analyse, understand and apply various approaches to peace and views as expressed in theory and their practical application to political, administrative, diplomacy and international relations.

Admission Requirements

  • KCSE Aggregate of C -


1 academic year (Three Semesters)