Diploma in Music


This course is geared towards preparing students for a Bachelors’ Degree in Music. Learners are equipped with skills in diverse aspects of music covering the following areas: Music Theory 1; Music Theory 2; Introduction to the History of Music; leading worship; Music Education; Theology of Music; African Music and Musical Instruments; Choral Conducting; Introduction to Arts Management; Composing New Songs; Introduction to Musical Instruments; Studio Audio and Video Recording; voice; Music Adjudication; and Music Performance and Practice.


The course emphasizes various aspects of social and organizational transformation in attaining strategic leadership and management styles. This entails being sensitive to the social, economic, political and spiritual concerns of Africa and beyond.

This value-based programme aims at equipping leaders and managers to be effective, efficient and productive agents of change for a transformed society in the service of God and Humanity.

The specific objectives include:

  • To enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of institutional/organizational leaders and managers for better performance and results.
  • To empower leaders /managers with leadership and management skills to increase the levels of productivity of churches, NGOs, private institutions and relevant government departments.
  • To help the learners to identify current innovative strategies in the leadership and management of an organization in the areas of governance, financial management, staff development, client analysis and product development for operational sustainability.


A candidate who satisfies the examiners shall be recommended for the award of either a Certificate or Diploma in Leadership and Management depending on the number of modules that they took and passed exams for.


1 academic year (Three Semesters)