Diploma in Criminology and Security Management


Criminology and forensic science are two extremely interesting courses that should be studied if one is serious about studying all aspects of crime. They are important courses that enable people to understand more about crime, its evolution and trends as well as the technical mechanisms of investigating crime and the general crime preventive strategies and mechanisms.


  • To explore the nature, types, approaches and security new security related challenges and to boost human capacity to manage crime at local, grassroots and community levels.
  • Equip learners with skills to conduct scientific investigations and interpret official documents in addition to analyzing some of the major debates that dominate the existing literature on scientific crime investigation, prevention and management.
  • To train human resource required in various security related careers and professions within the public and private sector as well as skills to conduct criminology and investigative research.

Admission Requirements

Applicants seeking admission into the program must have:

  • a minimum of C- (Minus) in K.C.S.E or
  • division IV in K.C.E. or
  • a mean grade of D+ (Plus) with a recognized certificate in a relevant area such as policing, investigation and / or security management.
  • Admission will also be given to persons holding A level certificate with 1 principle pass or any other relevant qualification as determined by St. Paul’s University Senate.


1 academic year (Three Semesters)

Career Prospects

Recent graduates have gained and implemented within the form of criminal justice system, and working with young people in the wide range of assorted home some to work in sectors such as banking, finance, retail, public and private sectors.