Diploma in Community Development


The Diploma in Community Development responds to the need for properly trained Community Development professionals for East Africa’s growing economies. The Diploma is designed to prepare professionals capable of serving at middle and upper level echelons of the Community Development sector. The program takes cognizance of the fact that there exists only but a few and unique programs in Community Development at the Diploma level in East Africa. The programme is also expected to add value to organizations as it will produce professionals capable of serving as Community development officers, project managers, in Non-Governmental organizations, government, civil society, educational institutions, county governments and other areas.

Objectives of the Programme

  • To equip participants with skills and knowledge that will enable them to engage in an effective way in community development and more or so within the counties.
  • To develop, implement and evaluate programmes to eradicate poverty and inequality in communities.
  • Asses the affect of their facilitation and empowering management skills in the holistic context of community development.
  • To give participants a positive educational experience that will contribute to their life choices options and motivate them towards further learning along the same line.

Admission Requirements

  • KCSE Aggregate C -


The maximum course duration will be one (1) year for those who enter straight from high school with no prior qualifications from recognized institutions. The duration will vary if a student has Diploma in a Community Development-related discipline. Students will therefore be advised to consult with faculty on these different levels of entry.