Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology


The Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology programme is aimed at developing a professional counselor at the proficiency level of a Master’s degree. The program content, organized into theory, clinical practice and research in African Counseling Psychotherapy is designed to provide advanced studies in the Counseling discipline. One essential component of this programme is the interdisciplinary approach to Counseling and inclusion of practicums. In the course of training, a trainee will undertake at least 15 sessions of professional counseling in order to appreciate counseling from a client’s perspective, resolve and be transformed for effective, efficient and competent counseling with minimal counter transference. Furthermore, trainees will attend practical practicums at particular service centers to increase practical knowledge.

Consistent with the university’s philosophy, the programme will uphold Christian ecumenism by providing quality service and adhering to high academic standards as inspired by the Christian Faith and values. Integration of Christianity and Psychology will offer a broad base academic and experiential exposure to the science of behavior that guides the work on Counseling Psychologist.

Goal of the Programme

To nurture competent counselors who can play participatory role in the society manifested by servant leadership by imparting knowledge skills and values through creative methods of teaching, research and spiritual formation.

Admission Requirements

An undergraduate degree from an accredited institution of higher learning preferably a BA degree with a major in Counseling, Psychology, Religious Studies, Counseling Psychology/ Counseling and Guidance or a Bachelor of Divinity (BD), Bachelor of Theology (BTh) with at least an upper Second class honors; or

A Bachelors degree with a lower Second Class Honors and two years work experience in a related field, or

A Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.0 on 4.0 scale (B+) or the equivalent, from an accredited University.

, or a Master of Divinity (MDiv)degree


Two (2) years (4 Semesters).


Modes of Study




St. Paul’s-University-Machakos-Campus-Second-International-Conference

St. Paul’s University Machakos Campus Second International Conference

THEME: “Beyond the Crossroads: Post-Covid-19 Transitions for Resilience and Sustainability”

Date: 30th June 2022


The Covid-19 pandemic occasioned unprecedented change in all spheres of life. This resulted in individuals and institutions finding themselves in unfamiliar waters. It is against this back drop that St. Paul’s University Machakos Campus invites interested parties to their 2nd Annual International Conference to deliberate on ways to navigate these unchartered waters based on the following themes:

Conference Themes

  • Innovation and Digital Technologies. Response to Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Substantial Development and Holistic Transformation
  • Communication and Crisis Management
  • Mental Health, Addiction, Exercise and Wellness
  • Church, Covid-19 and Social Economic Empowerment
  • Any other related topic is welcome

Important Dates

  • 30th March 2022 - Abstract Submission
  • 6th April 2022 - Notification of Acceptance
  • 22nd April 2022 - Conference Registration
  • 2nd May 2022 - Submission of Final Paper
  • 30th June 2022 - Conference Date

Conference Documents


St. Paul’s University (SPU) is a Christian ecumenical institution of higher learning based in Limuru, with other Campuses in Nairobi, Machakos and Nakuru, and works with over 10 affiliate colleges in Kenya, Uganda and Southern Sudan. Chartered in 2007, the university has continued to experience tremendous growth. It is our desire to match the growth with procurement of high quality products and services. To this end, the University invites prospective suppliers to bid for provision of catering and security services.

St. Paul’s-University-Annual-International-Research-Conference-(SPUAIRC)-2021

1st St. Paul’s University Annual International Research Conference (SPUAIRC), 2021

THEME: “Leveraging Research and Innovation for Socio-economic Resilience in a changing world.”

Dates: 21st&22nd October 2021


St. Paul’s University, Faculty of Business Communication and Computer Sciences (FOBCCS) is hosting the 1St St. Paul’s University Annual International Research Conference (SPUAIRC), 2021. The conference theme is “Leveraging Research and Innovation for Socio-economic Resilience in a changing world.” The Conference will be held virtually and will be hosted from the Limuru campus. Participants have been be drawn from Universities Faculty members and students, the private sector, and Professional bodies.


Research is one of the Pillars that underpin learning and teaching at St Paul’s University. It is through research that scholars get to sharpen their knowledge and also to refresh the current state of knowledge. Therefore, the university in its capacity as center for knowledge acquisition and dissemination pursues various research initiatives to this mandate. It is against this backdrop that SPUAIRC 2021 conference offers an opportunity for the scholars to converge and share their research outputs in the context of a changing world.


The Conference therefore aims to strengthen the research process within the university at large. It is a platform where researchers will share their experiences on various sub-themes for the conference. The main objective of the research will be sharing of facts, emerging trends, case studies, current studies and findings on the conference theme and sub-themes.


There will be plenary and three break away sessions based on the sub-themes of the conference. The Plenary sessions will include key presentations from the Key note speakers and a discussion by the Heads of Postgraduate Studies and the Research arms of the University. The Presenters will be given a link for the session that they will participate in and participants will choose the rooms that they want to join and a link will be provided for them based on their choice of room.


The organizing committee invited abstracts of approximately 300 words from the potential participants. The abstracts were peer reviewed and only those selected were slotted for virtual presentation. Each of the accepted abstract was link to a relevant Conference subtheme. At the end of the conference there will be publication of the papers in the peer reviewed SPU journal: African Multidisciplinary Journal of Research.

Conference Goals

  • To strengthen the research process within the university at large.
  • To share facts, emerging trends, case studies, current studies and findings on the conference theme and sub-themes.

Conference Sub-themes

  • Organizational strategy formulation, implementation and restructuring models
  • Technological transformations in media ecosystems
  • Contemporary issues in corporate, development, health and environmental communication
  • Contemporary human management practices and strategies
  • Hybrid work ecosystems and remote work during the COVID 19 Pandemic
  • Emerging trends in customer management
  • Financial strategies and issues in a dynamic world
  • Psychosocial resilience in a dynamic socioeconomic environment
  • Entrepreneurial leadership, innovation management, SMEs enabling environment
  • Leadership development, organizational change management

Important Dates

  • 31st August 2021 - Submission of Abstract
  • 12th September 2021 - Submission of Draft Paper
  • 20th September 2021 - Submission of Final Paper

Conference Documents


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