Bachelor-of-education-(Special Needs Education)

Bachelor of Education (Special Needs Education)


Global trends and increasing awareness in human rights, including the enactment of the new constitution in Kenya requires a comprehensive understanding of basic human rights and enhanced inclusiveness, including the rights of persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups. This programme contributes to special needs education and development in this respect. A Bachelor of Education (Special Needs) degree is a good beginning for a career in teaching more so as schools become more inclusive.

Individuals trained in Education with special needs will be able to work in public and private institutions of learning. Graduates can also pursue further studies and courses and advance to become supervisors or administrators or instructors in colleges that prepare others to teach special education.

The Bachelor of Education (Special Needs) degree will produce teachers of high integrity and enable them to participate in the educational transformation process for individuals with special needs thereby contribute to nation building.

Program Objective

The goals of the programme are to enable the graduates to:

  • Enhance early identification and placement of learners with special needs and disabilities in order to increase equity and inclusiveness.
  • Use acquired skills to promote quality, relevant and holistic education in learning institutions for learners with special needs in Education.
  • Support research and development in special needs education, documentation and dissemination of relevant information.


Candidates shall register for Education in Early Childhood plus any other subject course. The current combinations available are:

  • History/Geography
  • Kiswahili/History
  • English/Literature
  • Business/Mathematics
  • Business/Mathematics
  • Business/Information Technology

Admission Requirements

KCSE grade C+ with C+ in English or its equivalents, Or

A level with two principal passes or its equivalents, Or

Diploma holders in related areas such as with at least a Credit Pass.

Modes of Study

Regular (Day)

School Based


4 Years (8 semesters)