Bachelor of Divinity


The Bachelor of Divinity (BD) program has been in existence since 1979.The program prepares students for both lay and ordained ministry of the church in a rapidly changing society faced with the challenges of gender injustices, HIV/AIDS and issues of violence and poverty.

The program emphasizes a holistic approach to the ministry of the Church in the contemporary African context. This entails the need to be sensitive to the social, economic, political and spiritual concerns of Africa and beyond. This vision has found vindication through the effective leadership shown by our former graduates.

Program Objective

To train men and women who have such calling, for the full time ordained ministry of the Church and for various non-ordained types of Christian ministries, for example, chaplaincy, leadership, teaching, counseling, etc.


  • Biblical Studies
  • Theological Studies
  • Church History
  • Pastoral and Practical Studies

For the Regular Four-Year BD Degree

KCSE mean grade of C+ and above or its equivalent, Or

High School Certificate 'A level' with a minimum of two principal passes and one subsidiary or its equivalent, Or

A diploma from an accredited Institution

For the Three-Year BD Degree

A St. Paul's Diploma of Theology with earned credits equivalent of the workload of the first year of the BD degree, may be admitted into the 1st semester of the second year.

For the Two-Year BD Degree

A St. Paul's Diploma in Theology in upper second class (minimum final average 64%) eligible for admission into the first semester of the second year of the four-year BD degree program.

Modes of Study


Full time (Regular)


Distance Learning