Bachelor of Computer Science


As a university subject, Computer Science goes far beyond the IT you can study at school. Just as a course on transport engineering would go beyond what you might learn in your driving lessons or a car maintenance class.

Our graduates will go on to careers in many fields that need an understanding of computer systems, what they can do, and how to design them, from computer manufacturers and software firms to management consultancy, finance or teaching.

Program Objective

The aim of this degree is to produce a computer science graduate capable of using computing principles, concepts and techniques to design, implement, manage and maintain computing systems that address and provide solutions to various economic activities for benefit of humankind. The program also seeks to prepare students for lifelong learning that will enable them to move beyond todays technology to meet the challenges of the future.


  • Software Engineering
  • Internet Computing And E-Commerce
  • Systems Security
  • Networks

Admission Requirements

KSCE Grade C+, with at least a C+ in Mathematics, Physics/Physical Science and C in English, Or

KACE with at least 2 Principles passes in Mathematics and Physics and 1 subsidiary pass, Or

Accredited Diploma in Computer Science /IT/ or related field with at least a credit pass from an accredited institution.

KNEC Diploma in computer studies with at least a credit pass and a C at KCSE.

Modes of Study


Full time (Regular)

Parallel (Evening)