Bachelor of Arts in Counseling Psychology


The Bachelor of Arts in Counseling Psychology (BACP) programme introduces students to the core areas of Psychology, by exposing them to broad based academic and experiential exposure to the science of behavior that guides the work of Counseling Psychologists.

Course Objectives

  • To impart knowledge, skills and values, through training Counseling psychologists who will be able to develop the necessary competencies to meet the growing needs of the society.
  • To prepare future generations for social, economic, religious and political responsibilities in a fluid society by inculcating values, emotional dispositions and behavior patterns that enhance their daily living.
  • To assist students in developing a base and working knowledge of application of psychological, developmental and mental health principles in a psychology related practicum experience in the final year.
  • To enable students leverage the principles and tenets of behavioral science and go on to work in a wide range of careers involving the rendering of therapeutic services to a variety of people at different levels after completing the dynamic core and elective courses.

Admission Requirements

KCSE grade C+ with C- in English or its equivalents, Or

A level with two principal passes or its equivalents, Or

Diploma holders in related areas such as with at least a Credit Pass.

Modes of Study

Regular (Day)