St. Paul's University in Collaboration with Mathew 28 Ministries.Inc USA will host an international conference and training on Biblical Equity in Africa dubbed "New voices Sparking a Flame for Biblical Equity in Africa" from Thursday 31st May to Sunday 3rd June. The four day conference will kick off with a pre-conference on 31st May at St. Paul's University Main Campus with the rest of the event taking place at Brackenhurst Conference Center, Limuru.

Concept Note

Issues of gender relations in several academic and professional forums have been necessitated by the unfortunate reality that gender dominance, superiority and exploitive submission for either gender have been long established. As such, gender equity has been lucking not only in socio-political /economic institutions but also in religio-cultural institutions. However, the realization that gender equity must be regarded first and foremost as a matter of justice is rapidly becoming unstoppable. There is need therefore to proactively engage with issues of biblical gender equity not only in Kenya but also in the whole of Africa .it is for this reason that Faculty of Theology at St. Paul’s University with the support of Mathew 28 ministries inc., has organised for a series of Biblical Equity in Africa Conferences (BEAcon) to run annually for the purpose of promoting biblical gender equity in Africa and beyond.

Objectives of Beacon 2018

  • To educate participants on the call to practice gender equity at home, church and in public life.
  • To analyze socio-cultural and biblical factors that sustain gender discrimination
  • To equip participants with skills for promoting Biblical Equity.

Expected Outcomes of BEAcon 2018

At the end of the Training and Conference, it is expected that:

  • Participants will commit themselves to practice Biblical Equity.
  • Participants will be ready to engage in partnerships ’and networks for promoting Biblical Equity.
  • Participants will identify priority areas in advancing Biblical Equity.

Official Launch of the African Center for Biblical Equity - TACBE

Since 2006 the Faculty of Theology at St. Paul’s University has been working in partnership with Matthew 28 Ministries in building capacity for women leaders and preparing women and men to work alongside one another in serving God and humanity. As a result of this partnership the Africa Centre for Biblical Equity (TACBE) was started in June 2017. One of the key events in BEAcon 2018 is the official launch of The Africa Centre for Biblical Equity (TACBE).

The vision of TACBE is to be “An excellent Centre for promoting Biblical Equity Initiatives in Africa and beyond” and its mission is “Researching, Teaching and Training for Biblical Equity using contex- tual and ecumenical approaches.”

Objectives of TACBE

  • To train and educate men and women on equity as a core value in all human spheres of human existence and all human interactions
  • To conduct continuous research and publication on biblical equity so as to provide credible resources for teaching and training
  • To organize advocacy and networking programmes so as to minimise and/or eradicate gender control, gender superiority and exploitive submission
  • To mobilize resources that would enable TACBE to accomplish her purpose and objectives