The faculty of Theology invites you to participate in the Theology of work (ToW) workshop from 1st to 3rd March 2018 at the postgraduate hall. The workshop aims to provide an understanding of biblical agenda about God's plan for work. The teachings are further intended to help participants to integrate ToW into their daily activities, which include removing the sacred secular divide and engage other possible elements of the theology of work that are new or different than their current understanding. The ToW workshop seeks to:

  1. Provide the participants working in the market place with Foundational and Biblical Perspective on work and Biblical Principles of Work
  2. Recognize God’s divine purpose, meaning and value of WORK.
  3. Contextualize ToW Principles with a view to developing simplified teaching Materials on Theology of Work
  4. Evaluate the effects of ToW on work in SPU


  • To enable participants in the market place to understand and apply Biblical Theology of work by demonstrating and teaching their colleagues in the workplace on work as the mandate of God in creation.
  • To enable participants understand and appreciate the role of market place Ministry, and to encourage them to be actively involved in Gospel enterprise, by helping them integrate their faith and work.
  • To become people of Kingdom of God influence in the workplace and to influence their culture through functioning in their stewardship and calling of work.

The workshop is also open to the teaching staff of other faculties and SPU.