Building on decades of delivering quality Education, St. Paul’s University celebrates 10 years since its charter. Since the inception as a University, and in the 100 years prior, SPU has been a pioneer in the changing global Education landscape. We are proud to look back over years of making a difference to individuals, communities and the society at large.

We have remained a beacon of hope and an institution of choice for those seeking to satisfy their intellectual thirst with truly holistic education. We started out small as a theological college way back in 1903. We transited into a fully-fledged university following the award of charter in 2007. Our star is shining ever brighter, thanks to our practical commitment to value based education. Over the years, great men and women have walked through the gates of St. Paul’s in pursuit of their dreams. On attaining holistic knowledge, valuable skills and ethical formation, they have proceeded to render remarkable service to God and humanity in various capacities, locally and internationally. We are what we are, a great university, because of our alumni who are impacting the world through many visible and substantial contributions.

Today, and in the future, SPU prepares the next generation of leaders in the most pressing global challenges of the day. The SPU vision which is ‘A University of Academic Excellence Based on Christian Principles Producing Graduates in Various Fields for Global Service’ will continue to be illustrated time and time again. As we celebrate the dedication and achievements of the past decade, we also dedicate ourselves to a more promising future, with our vision realized!