University Health Center

The University has a health Centre, usually referred to as the Community Clinic because it serves both the University and the outside community. It is under the management of a Medical Officer and a Senior Nursing Officer assisted by a Community Nurse and a Records Clerk. Various services are offered including immunisation, health education, family planning, minor surgery and curative services. Dental and maternity expenses and the purchase of spectacles or frames are not financially covered by the University.

The health center offers 24 hour services throughout the week. If specialized hospital care is required, the patient will be referred to Kijabe AIC Hospital or or Kikuyu PCEA Hospital for treatment. The University covers the amounts paid for out/in-patients.

The medical component of the fees is not refundable, but will ensure medical cover annually for students and resident members of their families up to the maximum figure prescribed in the fee schedule.

Where the amount exceeds Kshs.10,000 PA for singles and Kshs.20,000 PA for married couples, the student or the sponsor will be required to directly meet the difference. The University is not liable to pay for medical treatment, which is not authorised by the Medical Officer, Senior Nursing Officer or, in their absence, the Community Nurse. Private medical treatment shall be paid for by the student. The University will have no responsibility for the bill.


  • The Clinic seeks to maintain and improve the health of the University Community
  • It aims to educate and advise students, staff, University employees and their families on how to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • It seeks to provide affordable medical services to the outside community.
  • It aims to continue to increase the medical facilities it is able to offer to the University and outside community.

Our Vision

A University of academic excellence based on Christian principles producing graduates in various fields for global service.

Our Mission

To develop servant leaders by imparting knowledge, skills and values through creative methods of education, research and Christian spiritual formation.

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