The University provides accommodation for both single and married students who wish to bring their families with them. The University year runs from the end of August to the second week of May (34 weeks), divided into two semesters. Vacational accommodation is available for a charge and is under different agreement.


  • All students must apply for accommodation; however this does not guarantee a space for the applicant.
  • Allocation is based on the availability of rooms/houses and conduct.
  • Allocation is done at the beginning of the academic year so application for a room must be done at the end of the previous academic year.
  • The contract to occupy rooms is for a full semester. Students who move out of the houses or rooms in the middle of the semester will be required to pay the full amount for the semester.


  • Students must keep their rooms neat and clean. Brooms are provided in the washroom for this purpose.
  • Outside visitors are not permitted in single students' quarters after 10.00 P.M. Male students are not permitted to visit female students or vice versa after 10.00 P.M.
  • Arrangements for visitors who wish to stay for a night at the University must be made through the Dean of Students.
  • During the vacations, the halls of residence are closed and the kitchen and dining hall services are suspended.
  • Occasionally, single students rooms are used during the vacations for conferences organised by the University or external agencies.
  • Complaints, breakages and other problems are to be reported to the Administrative Officer. Spent light bulbs can be replaced at his office.
  • Pornographic materials should not be displayed in rooms, notice boards, etc. of the community and such videos are not to be watched on University TV and videos.


Some limited accommodation is available for married students who wish to bring their spouses (and not more than three children). Full semester fees must be paid in advance by those who wish to occupy married accommodation. Preference for housing is usually given to foreign and Kenyan students on application in the second year. In exceptional circumstances, houses may be allocated to first year students. Those who bring families to the campus will be responsible for their children's educational fees at all levels, and other charges.


  • The University can only provide basic furniture, e.g., a few chairs, beds and a table. The occupant is allowed to add furniture to suit the size of the family.
  • The University will try as much as possible to maintain the houses, e.g. painting, minor repairs, etc., but the occupant is responsible for overall care of the house.
  • If the occupant wishes to maintain a small kitchen garden, he/she must ensure it is not overgrown with bushes. Any crops grown there must not be more than 2 feet tall.
  • The areas surrounding the cottages and flats are to be kept clear of rubbish.
  • Flower beds in front of the house are to be kept free from weeds. (Students living in the flats shall agree with their immediate neighbours about the maintenance of flower beds around the flats).
  • The maintenance of the refuse pits is the students responsibility.
  • Waste water is to be poured away down the inside drains.
  • Rearing of domestic animals, such as chickens or rabbits, is allowed provided they do not pose any threat to the community.
  • With all love and tolerance children must be kept under control. They should not play around the offices, cafeteria and library areas. There is a big playing field at the married quarters where children can play and parents can supervise, if they wish.
  • Students are reminded that other students with their wives and families will use the accommodation after they have left.
  • Complaints, breakage and other problems should be reported to the Administrative Officer.
  • Children must not climb to the top of the main water supply tanks. Any children playing in that area or found climbing the ladders should be led away from the area and warned.
  • The observance of these common sense rules by everybody will make a considerable contribution to the common welfare of the community.


The students are advised that they have to make their own arrangements with their sponsors in regard to their vacation residence and self-catering. Students who occupy single students' rooms should make arrangements with their sponsors to meet the costs of vacation residence. They should obtain the charges from the Finance Officer and pay for the period they are going to stay in their rooms.


Water and electricity are scarce resources, which must at all times be preserved and conserved.

  • St. Paul's University has its own borehole and water is pumped to a tank within the compound, then supplied to all sectors of the University Community.
  • Water should be used wisely, especially during the dry seasons. Gardens should not be watered.
  • Electricity must be conserved at all costs.
  • The University has a right to question use of appliances, which in its opinion are high consumers of electricity.
  • The University has a right to surcharge the user should any of the facilities and services be misused.


Students are issued with keys to their rooms and houses when they take up the rooms. One is not allowed to make duplicate keys. Keys are handed in at the end of every semester. The University will charge for damage or lost keys before a re-issue.


The University will provide each registered student with an I.D. Card indicating the degree they are taking, the year of registration and the year of completion. The new students will be told when their I.D. photographs are to be taken. Those who lose their I.D. will pay for a new I.D. They will be required to pay 200 shillings for a re-issue.


For security reasons all students coming back into the University compound late (after 10:00. P.M.) will be asked to identify themselves, as well as those accompanying them.


Students living in the University rooms/houses must be good stewards of the property, furniture and installations therein. Please note that careless use often requires expensive repairs. Do not damage doors by slamming them. Take care when moving pieces of furniture, such as chairs and tables. Turn off lights in a room, when not in use, so as to save electricity. Do not allow rubbish to be spread around the compound. These rules are simple and straightforward, but are necessary reminders of our duty to be good stewards of what has been entrusted to us.

It is the University's responsibility to maintain in a reasonable standard all University buildings and amenities. If any person, student or staff, finds an obvious instance where maintenance has broken down a written report should be submitted to the Administrator. University facilities including the hall and lecture rooms may not be used by students for meetings and parties without written approval from the Dean of Students.


The University is pleased to enroll students from different parts of the world. Each international student must fulfill the visa regulations for Kenya regarding their country. The University will facilitate for the student the receipt of the pupil's and dependents' passes. The following are the rules and regulations for the pupil's pass:

Transport to the University from the airport or the bus park and to the same on their way in and out of the University is the responsibility of the student and his/her sponsor. If one is to use the University van he or she will be charges. Please do not force the University through any of it's officers to get free transport. Those who are sponsored the sponsor should be informed by the student about transport. This information is given to all the new students so there is no excuse for not knowing.

  • A foreign student is required to have a pupils pass in addition to their passport to legalize their student status in Kenya.
  • Such are available from the Kenya Immigration Offices, Nyayo House upon application.
  • Forms from the Immigration Department are available in the University Administrators office.
  • After those forms are filled, the Administrators office will assist the student by attaching an official letter confirming that the applicant is our student.
  • The applicant will provide the office with copies of the required passport pages and two passport size photographs, plus any other information that may be required.
  • After the Immigration Office approves the pass, the student applicant is required to pay Ksh. 2, 000 for a year of stay in Kenya as a student. In subsequent renewal years Ksh. 2, 000 per year will be required.
  • Please note that the pass may take from weeks to months before processing, depending on the country of origin and the bureaucracies involved in verifying information given.
  • Students who are accompanied by family members (husband, wife, and children) are expected to apply for the dependents' passes from the Immigration Office. Such will be paid for by the student who maintains the dependents. Forms are available from the Administrators office.


St. Paul's University is a non-smoking area. Students are asked not to smoke in classrooms, in any public rooms or in study rooms. Drinking of alcoholic beverages is not allowed. Students who are found smoking and or drinking will be disciplined.


Community spirit is an important aspect of our community life together. The various University student societies, sport and recreational opportunities--all offer opportunities for fellowship. Involvement in all aspects of University life is encouraged for every student. Non-resident students should be regular in University activities.

The student common room next to the cafeteria is available for use by all registered students. A darts board, darts and chess have been provided for. Other games include: football, volleyball, netball. Table tennis is played in the multipurpose main hall. Table tennis therefore is to be played when the hall is not being used for other purposes. All sport and leisure activities must be done at times that do not conflict with the lecture schedule.


Two television sets are provided for students' entertainment. These may be used by all registered students. One is located at the women's center and the other in the room next to the main hall. There is also one video player for use by the students.

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