Center for Christian Muslim Relations

History of CCMRE

Established since 2010, the Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations in Eastleigh (CCMRE) is a project of St Paul’s University, Kenya. The project is located on 8th Street in the heart of the Suburb of Eastleigh in the eastern direction of Nairobi City. 


  • Providing a platform for academic and practical learning engagements between Muslims and Christians


  • To expand the cooperation and information exchange between adult educators, academics, Muslim and non-Muslims in the participating project partners on a Sub-Saharan African level, and beyond;
  • To identify, testing and evaluating methodological approaches and concepts of interreligious and intercultural dialogue, and developing these further to accommodate learning needs of Christian and Muslim groups in the Kenyan context.


  •  To achieve a better understanding of dialogue between Christians and Muslims and its necessary socio-political conditions.
  • To recognize and overcome stereotypes through academic approaches.
  • To make all parties (Christians, Muslims, non- and other-believers) take part in learning processes;
  • To demonstrate that in spite of historical, cultural and political diversity, scholars, adult educators, students and visitor/guests can learn a great deal from each other.
  • Generate resources for research in the field of intercultural studies, e.g. publications, audio and visual materials as already started in the CCMRE Pilot phase.


Our Vision

A University of academic excellence based on Christian principles producing graduates in various fields for global service.

Our Mission

To develop servant leaders by imparting knowledge, skills and values through creative methods of education, research and Christian spiritual formation.

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