Research and Publications


  1. For God and Humanity: 100 Years of St. Paul's United Theological College - edited by Rev. Dr. Emily Onyango.
  2. Theological Education in Contemporary Africa - edited by Rev. Canon Prof. Joseph D. Galgalo.
  3. “Mentoring Younger Scholars in Theological Education in” In A handbook of Theological Education in Africa (Eds)  ~ Prof. Esther Mombo,  Isabel Apawo Phiri and Deitrch Wener Cluster Publications 2013. 853-857
  4.  “From St. Paul’s United Theological College to St. Paul’s University- A story of Theological Education from Kenya.” In A handbook of Theological Education in Africa (Eds) ~ Prof. Esther Mombo and John Chesworth, Isabel Apawo Phiri and Deitrch Wener.  Cluster Publications 2013. 893-901.
  5. If you have no voice just sing: Narratives of women’s lives and theological Education at St. Paul’s University (eds), ~Prof. Esther Mombo and Heleen Joziasse.Zapf Chancery Limuru Kenya 2011.
  6. ‘From the pew to the pulpit, engendering the pulpit through teaching ‘African women’s Theologies” in Men in the Pulpit Women in the Pew Addressing Gender inequality in Africa. Eds. HJ Hendriks, elna Mouton, Len Hansen Elisabet. L Roux Sun Press 2012
  7. ‘The revival testimony of second wives’ in the East African Revival History and Legacies Eds. Kevin Ward and Emma Wild-Wood. Ashgate 2012 153-163
  8. Society and leadership challenges and opportunities for people with disability in Disability, society and Theology voices from Africa. Edited by Samuel Kabue, Prof. Esther Mombo, Rev. Canon Prof. Joseph D. Galgalo and CB Peter. Zapf Chancery publishers 2011
  9. From fourfold mission to Holistic Mission: towards Edinburgh 2010 in Holistic mission God’s Plan for God’s People. Edited by B. Woolnough & Wonsuk Ma. Regnum 2010.
  10. Women in Theological Education from African perspectives, an Handbook of Theological Education in world Christianity, Theological Perspectives, Ecumenical Trends. Regional Surveys. Edited by D. Werner, D. Esterline, N.Kang and J Raja .Regnum 2010.
  11. The Testimony of Three ‘sisters’ on Being Second Wives in East African Revival History and Legacies, Edited By Kevin Ward and Emma Wild-Wood.
  12. A Guide to Leadership (Ed) D Bookless, S Fenton, Prof.E Mombo, CB Peter, L Pohsngap. SPCK London
  13. Religion and materiality: The case of poverty alleviation in Religion and Poverty Pan African Perspectives. Ed. Peter j. Paris. Duke University Press, Durham 
  14. Descent Care and HIV: a Holistic Approach in Restoring Hope Descent Care in the Midst of HIV/AIDS Ed. Ted Karpf, J Todd Fergusson, Robin Swift and JeffreyV. Lazarus. Pelgrave Macmillan pages 97-101 
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  17. “A Letter from Africa” in I have Called: Friends Reflections on Reconciliation: Cambridge: Cowley Publications 2006
  18. “Kenyan Reflections” Chapter in Other Voices in the Global Church Speaks out on Homosexuality Ed. Terry Brown. Darton Longman London, 2006
  19. “Rape: The Invisible Crime” in The Quaker Bible Reader. Ed. Paul Buckley &Stephen W. Angell . Earlham. Earlham School of Religion 2006
  20. “Facing forward” The Caford /Christian Aid DLT Lent Book 2006 
  21. “Women’s ways of Preaching” in A guide to Preaching, edited by Roger Bowen. London: SPCK 2005
  22. “Why Women Bishops Are Still on the Waiting List in Africa” in The call for Women Bishops, H. Harris and J. Shaw London: SPCK
  23. Legacies of the Past, Challenges of the Present: A Circle Perspective” in Dialogue: Christians and Muslims studying the Bible and the Qur’an together, M. Ipgrave (Ed.), London: Church House Publishing, 80-93
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  25. “Harahamisi and Jumaa: The Development of the Women’s Meetings in East Africa .Yearly Meeting of Friends (Quakers)” In I.A. Phiri, D.V. Govinder & S. Nadar (Eds.), Her-Stories: Hidden Histories of Women in Faith in Africa, Pietermaritzburg: Cluster Publications, 59-83
  26. Kuvumilia Theology: ‘The Church and Violence against Women’ in C. Pemberton & K. Ward (eds.) Anglicanism: A Global Communion, Mowbray, London 1998.
  27.  Disability, Society, and Theology: Voices from Africa, CB Peter, 2011. (Co-Edited book )
  28.  “Priesthood of all Believers: Ordination of the Disabled”,   CB Peter,2011 ( Book chapter)
  29. “Our Father: An Indian Christian rays the Lord’s the Lord’s Prayer”,   CB Peter,2011
  30.  “Some Biblical Models for Conflict Resolution” (OJOT),  CB Peter,2011 (Peer-reviewed paper)
  31.   “Prosperity Gospel: A Jungian Appraisal” (OJOT), CB Peter,2012 (Peer reviewed paper)
  32.   “Mapping Eastleigh for Christian-Muslim Relations: A Project Report”, 2013 (Book chapter)
  33. Contested Space: Ethnicity and Religion in Kenya, CB Peter,2013 (Co-Edited book) 

 Journal articles

  1. “From Post-colonial Hermeneutics of Suspicion to a Dialectical Theology of Instantaneous and Progressive Divine Revelation” in African Christian Studies, Vol. 31, Number 4, December 2015..
  2. Reflections on Peace in the Decade to overcome Violence in Ecumenical Review 63.1 March 2011
  3. "He is Every Wonderful Thing to Me": Christology and the Experiences of Women in Theology and Ministry, in: Journal of Constructive Theology, Vol 16 No 2 (December 2010), 169-190.
  4. “Understanding Gender Violence its causes, impact, and how the Christian family can contribute to its eradication.’ in CHAK Times issue No. 26 September-December” 2007. pp 4-7.
  5. “Domesticity: Foundation of Christian Mission in Africa?” In African Institute for Contemporary Mission and Research. Volume 5. 2006
  6. ‘The Windsor Report: a paradigm shift for Anglicanism” in Anglican Theological Review volume 89 Winter 2007 Number I pages 69-70.
  7. “Missiological Challenges of the HIV/AIDS Era: Kenya” in Theology Today’ Vol. 62, No 1 58-66
  8. ‘The Homosexuality debates in African Anglicanism” in Search: Church of Ireland Journal, Vol. 27 No. 3
  9. “Doing Theology from the Perspective of the Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians’, Journal of Anglican Studies Volume 1.1 August 2003, 91-103
  10. “Anglican Tradition and African Culture: A Missiology of Mutual Critique in Epiphany” West 2003 Anglicanism (s) Identity and Diversity in a Global Communion.
  11. ‘the fourth dimension: Gender issues and the triple heritage of Africa’ in Evangelische Akademie Loccum 55/00 2003.293-308.
  12. “Theological Education in Africa” In Voices From Africa: Transforming mission is a context of marginalisation, an anthology, A. Wheeler (Ed.), London: Church House Publishing, 127-133
  13. ‘Theological Education and Ecumenical Formation: Some Challenges’, together with J. Galgalo, Ministerial Formation 98/99, July/October 2002, 7-14
  14. Bible and Polygamy: A Mother’s Union Perspective in AICMAR Vol. 1/1 2002 31-35
  15. “Relationship and Challenge: Christians and Muslims in Kenya” Transformation Vol. 17 No. I, January/March 2000
  16. Haramisi/Jumaa: The story of the Women’s yearly Meeting in East Africa Yearly Meeting of Friends in Woodbrooke Journal.
  17. Book Reviews for Theological Book Review. Shorter, Aylward and Onyancha, Edwin: The Church and AIDS in Africa: A Case Study: Nairobi City, Pauline Publications, 1998. Wanjohi Joseph. The Wisdom and Philosophy of the Gikuyu Proverbs: The Kihooto Worldview. Pauline Publications 1997
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Refereed Journal Articles

  1. “Muslims, Anglicans and State and the Contest for Public Space in Kenya” in Forum Mission/8/2012
  2. “Anglican Responses to Kadhis Courts in Kenya” Annual Review of Islam in Africa (ARIA) 2011.
  3. “Prophetic Witness for Kenyan Anglicans Today” The Living Church, Number 18, Vol.241, October 31, 2010.
  4. “Muslims, Christians and State: The Contest for Public Space in Kenya” Annual Review of Islam in Africa (ARIA) (2009- 2010).
  5. “Xenophobic Conflict in Africa: Ethical Implications” Hakimani: Jesuit Journal of Social Justice in Eastern Africa. July Issue No 01/09 (2009)
  6. “African Hospitality: An Endangered Species: A Case Study from Kenya” Theologia Viatorum, Journal of Theology and Religion in Africa 33 (2) 2009
  7. “Christian- Muslim dialogue in Kenya” Theologia Viatorum, Journal of Theology and Religion in Africa 33/1 (2009)
  8. “Methodology on Research on Islam in East Africa: Reflections” Africa Theological Journal Vol.31 No.1, 2008.
  9. “Identity Transformation of Muslim Somali Migrants in Nairobi, Kenya” Forum Mission Yearbook Volume 4/2008, Luzern: Vereign Zur Forderung der Missionwissenchaft.
  10. Love Thy Neighbour: Christian – Muslim Co-existence and the Question of Justice. Hakimani, Jesuit Journal of Social Justice in Eastern Africa January – March 2008 Issue No. 02/08, Nairobi, Kenya.
  11. “Christian – Muslim Co-existence in East Africa in the Light of Sacred Texts and Present Contexts”. Published online by Institute of Missiology Missio e.v. Aachen, Germany.
  12. “Anglican Studies Syllabus” The Anitepam Bulletin, NO 55, August 2007
  13. “Being Anglican in a liturgically ecumenical setting: A case study from Kenya,” In: The Anitepam Journal, South Africa, November 2006.



Edited Books



  1. CB Peters, Joseph Wandera and Willem Jansen, eds. 2013 Mapping Eastleigh for Christian-Muslim Relations, Limuru: Zapf Chancery
  2. Abdulkader Tayob, and Joseph Wandera, eds. 2011. Constitutional Review in Kenya and Kadhis Courts in Kenya, Cape Town: Centre for Contemporary Islam, University of Cape Town
  3. Fritz Stenger, Joseph Wandera and Paul Hannon, 2008. Christian- Muslim Co- existence in Eastern Africa, (Tangaza Occasional Papers) Nairobi: Paulines, 2008.





Book Chapters


Mapping Eastleigh as a Public Platform: The World of Street Preachers In Mapping Eastleigh for Christian-Muslim Relations CB.Peter, Joseph M. Wandera and Willem J.E. Jansen (Editors), Limuru: Zapf Chancery, 2013


Book Reviews



  1. Knighton, Ben, Religion and Politics in Kenya, New York: Palgrave, 2009 in Journal of the African Institute of Contemporary Mission and Research ( AICMAR) Bulletin 2012
  2. Majid, Anouar, Freedom and Orthodoxy, Journal for Islamic Studies Vol.30. 2010




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