Dean, Faculty of Theology

Prof. Chosefu Chemorion,
Dean, Faculty of Theology

Academic Qualifications

  1. Doctor of Theology (DTh. Old Testament), Stellenbosch University
  2. Master of Theology-MTh (Old Testament GPA 3.47/4), Emory University, Candler School of Theology
  3. Advanced course for Bible Translators, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  4. Bachelor of Divinity (BD), First Class Honors, St. Paul’s United Theological College (St. Paul’s University)
  5. Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BA Social Work, Upper Second Class Honors)University of Nairobi


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Upcoming Publication
          1. Keumju, J.H, and Chemorion, D.C, Eds. 2016, The Quest for Equity in Leadership: A Theology and Practice in the African Context. Wipf and Stock.
          2. Chemorion, D.C., 2016. “Created Equal: A Fresh Look at Gender Equity in Genesis 1-3” IN Keumju, J.H, and Chemorion, D.C, Eds. 2016, The Quest for Equity in Leadership: A Theology and Practice in the African Context. Wipf and Stock
          3. Chemorion D.C. 2016. Demystifying Complex Issues in Sabaot Orthography. University of Nairobi, Department of Linguistics
          4. Chemorion D.C. 2016. Politicians, Funerals, and the Bereaved in Kenya: Biblical Perspectives on death and the afterlife in light of 2 Samuel 1:19-27. Africa Society of Evangelical Theology
          5. Chemorion DC. 2016. Book Review. Akoto-Abutiate, D.B. African Theology/ies: A Contemporary Mosaical Approach. Hokma House.

Dissertations/Research Reports

          1. Translating Jonah’s Narration and Poetry into Sabaot: Towards a Participatory Approach to Bible Translation (2008). Submitted in Partial fulfillment of the Requirements for the award of Doctor of Theology Degree of Stellenbosch University. Supervised by Prof. Louis Jonker and Prof. Christo van De Merwe.
          2. Kenya Scripture Use Research Report
          3. Traditional Narrative Techniques: A Study of Characterization Techniques in an Old Testament Traditional Narrative and a Sabaot African Traditional Story (2002). Submitted in Partial fulfillment for the award of Master of Theology Degree of Candler School of Theology, Emory University. Supervised by Prof. Carol A, Newsom.
          4. Research on Biblical Plants: The Nature and Functions of Mandrakes (Dudaim) in Genesis 30:1-14 and suggestions for Bible translation (2001). Research Project carried out in partial fulfillment for the award of Advanced Certificate in Bible Translation of Rothberg International School, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Supervised by Mr. Daniel Herman.
          5. Interpreting the Reasons for the Centralization of Israelite Cult from the Perspective of Sabaot Centralized Cult (1998). Submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of Bachelor of Divinity Degree of St. Paul’s United Theological College. Supervised by Rev. Sammy Githuku

Research Supervision of Masters Thesis

          1. Ololngojine, Philip., 2010. Factors that impede men’s involvement in Home Based Care: A case study of N.I.A project, Wareng’ District. MA in Community Care
          2. Okwemba, Sarah.,2010 Assessing the Roles of Rural Grass Root Women’s Groups in National Development: (A Case Study of Women’s Groups in North East Bunyore Location, Emuhaya District). Masters in Development Studies.
          3. Osero, Joseph., 2011. A study of the Aaronic priesthood and its implications for women ordination. Master of Theology.
          4. Ayiera, Zablon. 2011. Assessing the Levitical tithing model as a method for financing SDA church. Master of Theology.
          5. Kamau, Peter. 2011.Factors hindering provision of TB services within HIV set up: A case study of District Public Health Facilities in Nairobi. MA in Community Care and HIV & Aids. Masters of Arts in Community Care
          6. Kamau, Margaret. 2011 Challenges of Inclusion Education of Refugee Children in Urban Public primary schools in Kenya- a case study of schools in Dagoretti District, Nairobi. Masters in Development Studies.
          7. Kilundo, Eunice., 2012. Towards community empowerment for the care and support of vulnerable children. A case study of Kiambaa Division Kiambu District. Masters in Development Studies.
          8. Wamera, Elizabeth. 2012. Evaluating participatory community development approach: a case study of community led total sanitation. Masters in Development Studies.
          9. Chege,Lydia., 2012 An assessment of psychosocial challenges of children in child headed households in Kasarani constituency, Kenya. Masters in Development Studies.
          10. Kiplagat, Agness 2012. A., Assessing “exclusive breastfeeding protocol” : A case study on w women living with HIV/AIDS in Eldoret Municipality. MA in Community Care and HIV & Aids. Master of Arts in Community Care.
          11. Basebya, Nicodemus, 2012. Exploring sustainable strategies for running HIV & Aids Programmes in Friends Churches: A Case study of Karama Parish, Kigali Rwanda. Master of Arts in Community Care.
          12. Rwamunyana, Juvenal, 2012. An assessment of the impact of micro-enterprise programmes in reducing poverty among people living with HIV & Aids in Rubengera Parish, Kigali Rwanda. Master of Arts in Community Care.
          13. ZAINA KISONGOA, 2012 An investigation on the effects of corporal punishment on academic performance of children in lower grades of primary schools in Bossaso-Bari region, Puntland. Masters in Development studies.
          14. Amudavi, Margaret, 2012: An assessment of the external and internal factors negatively affecting the performance of the Kaimosi rural service programme in Hamisi District.
          15. Kazungu, A. M., 2013 The role of mother-tongue education in children’s academic achiement: a case study of Bale Primary School. Masters in Development Studies.
          16. Macharia, J. 2013. An assessment of the implementation of child labour policies and legislation within the informal settlement. Masters in Development studies.
          17. ODHIAMBO, JACOB 2013 An investigation of life-long education needs in Suna Central location, Migori County, Kenya. Masters in Development studies.
          18. Owiti, Caleb, 2013. Strategies for protection of children against HIV & Aids in Africa independent churches: A case study of Israel Nineveh Churches. Master of Arts in Community Care
          19. Kimotho Stephen, 2013. Evaluation of the implementation of free secondary school education in Molo District. Master of Arts in Development studies.
          20. SASSA VUNDO, EDUARDO. 2014 Investigating the effects of women economic empowerment on the family stability. a case study of women kixi-crédito beneficiaries in cazenga municipality
          21. Nyambura, Grace Birech, 2015, Analysis of Moral Instruction to young people in Proverbs 4:1-9 as a model for instilling discipline among school children in Kenya.
          22. Ochorokodi, Japheth. 2014. A Theological Evaluation of the Conflicting Character of David. Reflections on 2 Samuel 7:1-29 and 11: 1-27.
          23. Kombimbo, Mary Mercy, 2015. The relevance of Et libnot Bait Yahweh in Haggai 1:1-8 to contemporary Christians.
          24. Kabuagi, Peter, 2015. The effects of Child Poverty on the Wellbeing of Children in Samburu County.
          25. ZIHALIRWA NAKAHEJANGA Ghislain, Gulain 2015. The relationship between socio-economic Status of mothers and the transmission of HIV from Mother to Child among clients of Heal Africa, Goma-Democratic Republi of Congo.

Our Vision

A University of academic excellence based on Christian principles producing graduates in various fields for global service.

Our Mission

To develop servant leaders by imparting knowledge, skills and values through creative methods of education, research and Christian spiritual formation.

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