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The Diploma in Communication Programme aims at introducing the student to the processes of communication while exploring their structures and impacts on society. The Diploma programme is designed to introduce the student to developments in communication as well as to start appreciating it as an academic field of study. It also aims to impart the students with foundational skills of professional communication practices. Importantly, the programme appreciates the role of communication in imparting Christian values and the regard for the Bible as the Word of God.

Objectives of the diploma in communication
The objectives of the programme is to make the student understand the dynamics of communication, acquire the skills and competencies required of a communications professional, be able to apply the requisite communication principles and appreciate the role of communication in social development and democratization. A graduate of the programme should not only qualify to study for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Communication, but in the interim should be able to practice as an assistant in a professional communication set up.

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  1. Attach photocopies of all academic and professional certificates. If they are not in English send translated and certified
    copies. Non-English speakers must provide proof of competence in English.
  2. Attach a copy of your recent coloured passport size photographs
  3. Please note that you are required to pay a non refundable application fee for your application to be processed.
    • Postgraduate Application Fee- KSh.3,000.00
    • Undergraduate Application Fee- KSh. 1,500.00
    • Diploma & Certificate Application Fee- KSh. 1,000.00 
    • Special Entrance Exam & YCMP Application Fee- KSh. 1,000
    • CPA Application Fee- KSh. 1,000.00 
    • You can deposit the application fee in any of our bank accounts and then scan and attach the bank slip here. Click Here to see our bank details



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