Diploma In Chaplaincy

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The Diploma in Chaplaincy focuses on developing an effective and reflective practitioner who uses African Clinical Theology and Psychology. In using the tools of personality, communication and listening theories, the chaplain through proper use of the care methods, meets complex human documents at their points of need. The whole course is clinical, practical and theoretical while also emphasizing formation of mature self and mature relationships.

Admission requirements

  • Admission into the Diploma program will be subject to the general regulations of St. Paul’s University. Specifically, those intending to seek admission for the course will be expected to meet the following criteria:
  • A minimum KCSE grade C- with a C in English
  • “O” Level division III with a minimum of 38 points with 5 credits, one of which must be either in English Language or Literature in English.
  • ‘A’ Level with 2 principal passes. 
  • D+ in KCSE with additional one-year certificate or above from a college
  • Equivalents to the above qualifications as determined by St. Paul’s University Senate. 

1 academic year 

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  1. Attach photocopies of all academic and professional certificates. If they are not in English send translated and certified
    copies. Non-English speakers must provide proof of competence in English.
  2. Attach a copy of your recent coloured passport size photographs
  3. Please note that you are required to pay a non refundable application fee for your application to be processed.
    • Postgraduate Application Fee- KSh.3,000.00
    • Undergraduate Application Fee- KSh. 1,500.00
    • Diploma & Certificate Application Fee- KSh. 1,000.00 
    • Special Entrance Exam & YCMP Application Fee- KSh. 1,000
    • CPA Application Fee- KSh. 1,000.00 
    • You can deposit the application fee in any of our bank accounts and then scan and attach the bank slip here. Click Here to see our bank details



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