Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations
Each student is required to show his/her ID when entering the library and when borrowing library materials. Loss of ID should be reported to the librarian immediately. Membership to the library is through registration and loaning period is as shown below:

Book Loan Period
User Category No. of Books Loan Period Renewals
Postgraduates 5 Books 1 Month Renewed Once
Undergraduates 5 Books 2 weeks Renewed Once
Preuniversity 5 Books 2 weeks
Renewed Once
  • No user shall take a book out of the library unless it is properly issued to him/her.
  • Borrowed items shall not be transferred from one borrower to another but shall first be returned to the library and formally re-issued.
  • Borrowers are held responsible for the safe custody of any library material they borrow. They shall be required to pay the cost of replacement plus 20% administrative fee of any item lost or damaged while on loan to them.
  • Borrowers are required to return borrowed materials on or before the due date. A fine of 5/= per day per book is levied on late return of circulating books and 5/= per hr. per book for late return of reserve books.
  • Readers must not damage or deface books or any other library materials. Those who do this will be required to pay replacement cost.
  • Books once removed from the shelves should not be re-shelved. They should be left on the reading tables to be re-shelved by the library staff.
  • The library is a noise- free environment. Making noise in the library is not allowed.
  • The library is a smoke-free environment. Smoking in the library is strictly prohibited.
  • Eating, drinking and chewing in the library is prohibited.
  • Use of mobile phones in the library is not allowed.
  • Use of library computers is strictly used for OPAC and online database searches.
  • Reference books, periodicals and journal are for use within the library and not borrowed.
  • Photocopying of more than 10% of any published document in custody of the library is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.


  • Briefcases, jackets and bags should be left at baggage area-the space provided for in the Library but do not leave your valuables in this place.
  • Marking, writing on, underlining and defacing or mutilation of any library material is strictly prohibited.
  • All registered members of the library must clear with the University Library at the expiry of their membership.
  • Recalled books should be returned to the library as soon as possible.
  • Order and good mannerisms should be observed in the library-Use the provided bins to dispose litter.
  • Stealing or attempting to steal library material is a punishable offense.
  • All readers leaving the library in possession of books, papers and bags must show them to the security personnel at the exit point.
  • All library users are expected to observe these rules and regulations. Any breach will result in disciplinary action.



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