Registration is the formal admission of a student to a programme of study, or research, leading to a degree of the university or to any academic award for which a degree or other approved form of qualification is a necessary entry condition.

An Academic Year
Upon admission, a student is enrolled for an academic year.
­ Limuru Campus has two major semesters (of 15 weeks) and semester three which is optional (of 10 weeks).

  • August to December 1st Semester
  • January to April 2nd Semester
  • May to July (Optional) 3rd term

­ Nairobi, Nakuru and Machakos campuses have three equal semesters of 12 weeks each.
Full fees for each semester must be paid in order for a student to study in a given semester.

The official registration period is one week. Additional time is provided for late registration which will attract a penalty. These times are on the academic calendar.

Students are encouraged to register for the units load recommended by the department. Fewer units may be registered for depending on the student's ability to pay for them. Full fees for all the units must be paid before the examinations are taken. Registering for more units than one can pay for (consequences)

If a student registers for units that they are not able to pay for before the exams even though they would have done the course work, the units will be nullified and no course work mark will be carried forward. They will need to study for the units again.

When and why to register
Students must undertake academic registration at the beginning of every semester in order to.

  1.  Attend the course (programme of study). 
  2. Allow for the release of ones loan from the Higher Education Loans Board / sponsor / awarding body (where appropriate). 
  3. Confirm one is correctly entered for any examinations and CATs 
  4. Enable one to gain access to their results. 
  5. Use ones University email account. 
  6. Obtain ones University Card / keep it valid.

What registration involves

  • On-line registration of Course/units (to allow the departments to settle the time-tables quickly),
  • Financial registration to allow your name to appear on the class lists (at least 50% of fee payment for New students and 40% for Continuing students).

Who should not register
Continuing students will be prevented from registering if they are on suspension or have been discontinued from their program of study.


All new students will be issued with a student ID card three weeks after registration.
Student IDs are to be carried at all times when a student is within the University campus.
The student’s ID Number, name and program must be quoted in all correspondences.
The student’s ID must be surrendered at the end of the study period.

All new students will be issued with a university email address. The address is made up of your program, campus, student number and year of admission. All official communication from the university will be sent to you via your email address.

Our Vision

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Our Mission

To develop servant leaders by imparting knowledge, skills and values through creative methods of education, research and Christian spiritual formation.

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