Q: Why should I choose to study at SPU?
A: SPU is accredited by the Commission of Higher Education to offer courses from Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Diploma and Certificate level. Our curriculum is relevant to today’s job market and we strive to offer quality education taught by highly experienced faculty.

Q:How do I enroll at SPU?
A: The first step is to fill out an application form after which you submit at any of our campuses that is near you. The registry office will contact you soon thereafter to advise you on the admission process if you have qualified.

Q: How do I register as a student?
A: Registration is done online through the help of the registry department and should you encounter any problems registering, student representatives will be present to help

Q:What should I do when I first arrive at SPU?
A: Report to the registry office and there will be officers available for advice on where and how to go about the registration and settling in campus.The Registry Office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Q: Is there an orientation program at SPU?
A: Several orientation programs will be available for students upon arrival that will be of interest to you, and you should make effort to ensure you attend. Departments also run their own orientations which you will get a program about upon arrival and registration. The orientation program provides an opportunity for you to meet fellow students and SPU staff and to learn about the University. The sessions usually include welcome remarks from the VC, Dean of students and Dean of faculties.

Q: Are there accommodation facilities in campus?
A: Yes there are halls of residence for both males and females but it is strictly on a first come first served basis.
If I am not living in the SPU residence halls, can I still eat in campus?
Yes, you will be required to pay a fee at the finance department which will be communicated to you through the housekeeper’s office.

Q: Where can I find suitable private housing?
A: We have partnerships with hostels that are situated right outside the University. On reporting visit the housekeeper’s office and she will guide you on how to rent a hostel outside the University.

Q: How do I apply for loans?
A: For information regarding educational loans, loan disbursements, or where your loan is in processing you will contact the Dean of Students’ office.

Q: Are there opportunities to gain financial aid within SPU?
A: Apart from the HELB loan and government grants the University through the Dean of Students office has a work study program. Priority is given to needy students.

Q: Where can I get advice on getting a pupil’s pass and renewing of my visa?
A:There is an international students’ office which is situated at the Public Relations & Marketing office that offers all the necessary support to international students.

Q: Does the University have a health centre?
A: The Health Centre is located in the University grounds and in case of a serious ailment or emergency the University has partnered with hospitals within a 20 kilometer radius to aid in this.

Q: Are there counseling services within campus?
A: The students’ counselor is available to offer guidance and counseling to students. There is also a peer mentors club who offer guidance to their fellow students.

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Our Vision

A University of academic excellence based on Christian principles producing graduates in various fields for global service.

Our Mission

To develop servant leaders by imparting knowledge, skills and values through creative methods of education, research and Christian spiritual formation.

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