Diploma Courses

Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Diploma in Community Development

    The Diploma in Community Development responds to the need for properly trained Community Development professionals for East Africa’s growing economies. The Diploma is designed to prepare professionals capable of serving at middle and upper level echelons of the Community Development sector. ... read more

Faculty of Business, Computer Science and Communication Studies
  • Diploma in Business Information Technology

    The Diploma in Business Information Technology (DBIT) programme prepares candidates to become specialists in the Information Technology to meet the needs of modern businesses, especially at the middle levels of organizations. It is designed to meet the increasing demand in the work place for IT professionals with a wide knowledge of business management, technical skills and the capacity to offer support in the implementation of IT-based solutions in a business environment.

  • Diploma in Business Management

    The Diploma in Business Management is meant to expose students to a wide range of interrelationships amongst the functional areas of the business enterprise i.e marketing, human resource management, operations management, finance and accounting and its external environment.

  • Diploma in Computer Science

    This course has been designed not only to emphasize on the academic theories and the practical application of computer science, but also to take into considerations the future development of the computer science discipline. It therefore covers most aspects of Information Technology, System analysis and software development.