chaplain4By Rev. Samuel Githinji

There is no doubt that many Kenyans have been caught off guard by the court process after the elections.  Their reaction proves it. Before elections all contestants urged each other to go to court if they were dissatisfied with the results.  That advice has been heeded and we should all be applauding that we have made a remarkable step in our democratic process. Continue Reading


When Kenya broke up to violence after the 2007’s General Elections, few could have envisioned the scope of ethnic conflict that would visit the region with such ferocity. Five years later, there is general stability in the region, yet, tensions among some region and ethnic groups still remain.

Some of the members of the SPU peace ambassadors
Some of the members of the SPU peace ambassadors

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The reigning Miss St. Paul’s University, Ashley Mazuri, has been selected to take part in this year’s Miss University, Kenya. The gala night to crown the winner will be taking place next Thursday, 7th February at CImageanirvore starting at 8 pm. Entrance is Ksh. 400 for students and Ksh.500 for non-students. Ashley will definitely be thrilled to see people go and support her and cheer her on to winning the Miss University Kenya 2013!  You have a few days to vote for your favorite Miss University on this website > http://www.missuniversity.or.keVOTE! VOTE!

Who is Ms Mazuri?

Ashley, 18, is pursuing Bachelor of Arts in Communication at the main campus. She hopes to pursue a career in the media. The last born in a family of two from Nyali says she pursued Communication because of growing up listening and watching Sheila Mwanyigha.


“Ever since then it became a passion for me and I would challenge myself in different ways to achieve my dreams and I am confident I will get there one day” she adds.

Just like any other ordinary girl, she says she is not perfect, she is scared of some things, and she even chokes on her own words at times. Miss SPU has dreams and sees greater and bigger things in the future. She knows that anything can happen in this world for anyone and she believes in keeping dreams alive no matter how long it takes to achieve them.

Her hobbies are singing, dancing, making friends, socializing, reading and walking in the sandy shores of Mombasa.


St. Paul’s University has introduced a Youth Career and Mentorship Program (YCMP) for Form Four leavers. form 4The program offers courses in Computer Training, Career Guidance, Communication & Public Speaking skills and Certificate in Counseling.  Also included are Certificate in Sex education, Reproductive Health, HIV &AIDs Studies, Drugs and Substance Abuse and Leadership Training.

This is a 7 week program that is intended to build form four leavers and prepare them for life outside high school into the path of their career pursuit.


Orientation of new students at Limuru campus

Welcome to a new semester at SPU.

We all hope that you had a wonderful semester break, and that you enjoyed the time you had to share with your loved ones; friends and family. We hope that you are looking forward to a great semester and you have come back with renewed energy.

The January semester offers each one of us great opportunities to engage with each other; faculty, staff and students. We hope that it will also challenge us to be innovative and come up with great ideas to help us grow as a University and enhance our academic experience. Continue Reading


I probably shouldn’t have been that liberal with the truth. Maybe I should have told the young man I was from Antigua, or Trinidad and Tobago; these are real places aren’t they? Well, it needed not be that dramatic just a country that wouldn’t have elicited such a pronounced reaction. But no, I had to tell the truth. I am Kenyan, I said. Continue Reading


The world in which we live in is constantly evolving. The instantly recognizable sound of Education has become an unmistakable sign of hope for communities around the world, and has helped transform the lives of thousands, while inspiring millions more around the world. The demand for Education continues to increase more as the world demands more from its citizens and now more than ever before and in order to live up to the demands of the world we need a solid education upon which to base our skills and knowledge. This reason, as a matter of fact, is a reason why SPU has been here for 110 years now, to offer a great foundation for its graduands that will eventually inspire them to go out and make a positive impact in the world.

We definitely have come a long long way to be where we are today. And so our journey continues,still with the ups and downs but it continues nonetheless. And this blog, ladies and gentlemen  is just one of the footsteps of the journey we are in, to keep us going!

And so then,  we welcome you to our other new online home, SPUTODAY! This is our very first blog and I hope you’ll kick back and hang out here awhile because we’ve got a lot of great stories and pictures in store for you. We are really excited about this new site because it gives us the chance to engage each other and to share our stories about, well… everything.

We will love to hear from all our staff and faculty; your experiences, the stories that you want to tell but haven’t had a chance or platform, the stories from your life on this long road we are treading and the latest on all of the projects we’ve got going on. We’ve also got a special place here on the site to spotlight some everyday heroes that are changing the lives of others.

Also, you should know, this blog was made for you. So come here and get involved: start a conversation in the forum; leave us a comment with thoughts on the entry of the week; submit pictures, stories, poems and anything you feel you want the world of SPU to know; and most importantly, get comfortable and feel at home at SPUTODAY.

We are looking forward to sharing all of the favorite stuff with everyone and we can’t wait to hear what you have got to say.

Keep checking for more posts to come your way!