Main Campus’ new cafeteria is here!

As you may have probably noticed, the main campus’ new students’ cafeteria has been under
construction since last semester.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Joseph Galgalo recently received the keys to the establishment
symbolizing a completion, with a few touch-ups to be done including landscaping of the area.


The two-story modern building will see students enjoy great ambience that includes great views
of the surrounding environment. So whether you're looking for a quiet spot for tea or coffee, or a
place to catch up with friends for a bite, the place has got plenty of options for you.

The caterers also changed hands and beginning September 2017 semester a new menu will be in

The students will be required to use their smart cards in the cafeteria in line with the new
Enterprise resource planning system which is meant to improve service delivery in the

The establishment is definitely a step up from the previous when it comes to options and
atmosphere. You should definitely check it out for yourself when you have some free time, and
see how you like it!

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