Symposium on Reflections on the 2017 Kenyan Elections- A Panel Discussion

A symposium on the 2017 elections was held at SPU on 2nd March 2017 to reflect on the coming elections. The panel discussion focused on historical junctures and evolving contemporary events that may have an impact on the outcomes of the elections. The discussions centered on Kenya’s tumultuous political history and the place of the 2017 elections within it, the interactions between ethnicity and elections in Kenya and the impact of elections on socio-political and economic developments in Kenya and the wider region.

Prof. Esther Mombo, one of the panelists emphasized on the place of Christians and how they can use the text of their faith to kick out exclusion and marginalization while protest against violence during elections. “Speak against social injustice as you widen the scope of how you think leadership should be,” She added while condemning the mechanism that is in place in Kenya that seems to support unworthy political candidates.

Moses Chelang’a, an advocate and editor of Platform Magazine spoke to the participants on the importance of political offices, saying that Kenyans have a huge obsession over the presidency while forgetting other important political leaders such as MCAs. He also talked of how the politics in Kenya have been ethnicized and how they have become more of an ethnic census than an election.

He concluded by challenging the students to engage in issue based politics and to be active citizens. “Don’t seat and watch. Do something in your position as a student to change this country. Take an active participation to politics,” he said.

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