Drug & Substance Abuse; what you need to know

A talk on counseling psychology and drug and substance abuse were on the agenda on the second day of the St. Paul’s university week of events which took place at the students’ center amphitheater.

Alex a student of Psychology took to the stage as the first speaker addressing the students on managing emotions.  According to him, how one perceives themselves to be, determines how they react to situations they encounter in real life. He stressed on this point by giving an example of how two people calling someone would react if the phone call is not answered.  A person with a positive view of him or herself will take no offence. One with a negative view of him/ herself would conclude that the other party does not consider them worthy of their time.

It was later followed by a presentation by The Retreat staff who talked about relationships, love, stress and drugs and how they are interrelated. They explained what determines the decisions made by campus students on sex, one of the key factors being peer pressure. Drugs on the other hand, cause students to gain false confidence which makes them vulnerable to engaging in risky sexual behaviours.

There are various dangerous effects of drugs and alcohol abuse whether short term or long-term which include alcohol poisoning which can cause coma and even death, unsafe sexual practices, depression , withdrawing from others,  among many others.

The talks are organized by the Dean of students’ office in conjunction with the faculties.

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