My son thinks i am “finally mature & responsible”

By Rev. Samuel Githinji

Unlike other days when I wake up earlier than everyone else, this day I decided rather than attend to my own agenda I would make breakfast for all.  I went shopping for bread and sour milk to make it a special treat.

As I progressed I got more inspired. I made special millet porridge with sour milk, warm peas sandwich and spread the peanut butter on the other slices for everyone.  For effect I used our special plates to set the table and then let each have their extra holiday sleep and come to table at their convenience.

I want to believe the aroma woke up mama first then John.  As they were dinning, John must have complemented mum who graciously informed him that dad had made breakfast today. When I walked in from donning my track suit for the morning jog, John with a beaming face said; “… mature!”

I didn’t quite get the first part of the sentence.  Since I’ve been complimenting him every time I noticed he’d done something in an impressive way with the words“You have become mature. You are responsible!” I assumed he was reporting triumphantly of something he’d done which he was sure I would approve of.

“Umesema umemature?”, I asked.  “Hapana,nimesema wewe umemature. Umekuwa responsible!”

When it sank in, I laughed.  My wife who was holding her breath by the sink, laughed too.

I repeated the words slowly to myself, “Nimemature…!” Thinking, “It’s taken me long!”

I pay fees, rent, buy property…honestly I consider myself responsible… and of course mature!

May be there are different degrees of ‘mature and responsible’?  Did I chance on another level yesterday?  May be John is correct: “It is not that I had reached it yet, or had already finished my course” cf Phil 3:12

Annual self-appraisal with my supervisor is only one level of glory. Appraisal by family is another.

My spontaneous translation of scripture would put it this way; “If anyone is not mature and responsible to his own family, he is worse than an unbeliever, how can they be at work?” 1 Tim 3: 5; 5:8

Does your family appraise you, “Mature and Responsible?”

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