First African clergy to Reveal HIV-Positive Status visiting SPU

Leading HIV/Aids Goodwill ambassador (Christian Aid), Rev. Canon Dr. Gideon Byamugisha is at St. Paul’s University (SPU) as a resident scholar. Rev. Byamugisha was the first African religious leader to openly declare his HIV-positive status in his church. He will be spending one year at SPU.

ImageHe is pursuing his PhD at the University of Birmingham and chose SPU to do his research. The globally recognized HIV & AIDS ambassador has been feted several times for his work in promoting positive living among both the infected and affected. In 2009 he received the 26th annual Niwano Peace prize in recognition for his work to uphold the dignity and human rights of people living with HIV & AIDS and was awarded the Cross of St Augustine by the Archbishop of Canterbury three years later.

Rev Byamugishga is the cofounder of African Network of religious leaders living with & personally affected by HIV/AIDS (ANERELA+).

“I hope to consolidate what I have been saying and doing with my research here at St. Paul’s University,” he said.

The Ugandan has passion for nations and communities that are at risk and continues to bring change through his works not only in HIV&AIDS but also in other areas that are seen as challenges to communities especially in Africa like poverty. He is at the moment pioneering a new area of HIV & AIDS study, positive theological ethics.

“I had other choices in Botswana and South Africa but I chose to do my research at St. Paul’s University because I know it to have a tradition of engaging on HIV & AIDS issues,” he told SPU today.

We hope that he will feel at home at St. Paul’s University.


  1. I met Rev. Gideon by the first time in Angola in 2010 during an international conference where he was the main speaker. Before that I only knew him through the movies and his writtings on HIV and AIDS. The second time I met Gideon was last week during my two weeks modular classes at St. Paul. When I learnt that he was there I went to the Guest house where he’s accommodated, he welcomed me warmly and we talked as real brothers in Christ. Gideon will always remain as an inspiration for me.


    As a class rep i wish to thank Rev. Gideon for choosing our university to do his research and encourage good relationship between our university and Birmingham university,
    though i have not meet him phsyical beacuse am an evening student i hope before he goes back he will have aword with us. I wish him long life

  3. David Oketch

    Thanks a lot for the info and I can’t wait to see you that day…!its very difficult for those guys in the church esp. the priests, pastors and others to come in the open and let the world know of their HIV and AIDS status and for that I would say: thank you Rev. for the boldness and inspirations to the us at SPU, NBO Campus…indeed this is a right step in the right direction, geared towards sensitizing the masses, to shun the issues of discrimination and stigmatization. Keep it up and you have our prayers and blessings as you come visiting. David Oketch

  4. Emmanuel Kalu

    Wow..God is good. I am happy to know that Rev. Canon Dr. Gideon is around SPU. I am very interested in matters of People living HIV positively. I want to be a service to them. Rev, kindly let me know how best i can bless one of these. Emmanuel Kalu.

  5. Loise

    It all happens for good to those who are in Christ Jesus, it may sometimes be hard but maybe it is for a time like this that you became a victim, So that you can continue this great ministry to those who are affected and infected. You are a voice to the voiceless and a source of hope to the hopeless, they see the reason to face tomorrow through your messages. I thank God for you,live long Revered to inspire many. Loise Muturi.

  6. Sarah Muthenya

    It was great to have you Canon Gideon to have minister in my Gender Sexuality HIV & AIDS SPU classes. You have served God fearlessly in the area of HIV and so continue to write the Acts of apostles. God bless you as you continue in His service. Sarah Muthenya


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