Age is nothing but a number: One woman’s story of her pursuit for higher education in her 70s

By Ndinda Malonza and Reuben Omulo

Going back to school years after retirement is embarrassing, a waste of time and money.  That is what Janet’s family told her when at age 71, she enrolled for an undergraduate course. However, Janet focused on her dream and now 79, she is graduating with a Masters’ degree in Development Studies.

In this story, Janet narrates the challenges and triumphs in her quest for education.

Being the only educated girl in the family

Janet was born in 1938 in Muthumo village, Machakos in a family of 18 children; 12 girls and six boys – at a time when girls were supposed to get married, while boys went to school. But Janet was different, while her 11 sisters got married, she chose education. Continue Reading