St. Paul’s University emerged top in the KUSA Nairobi league play-offs and will represent the university in the National play-offs in at Masinde Muliro University.

This is a morale booster for the teams who are aiming at winning the championship come April.


Volleyball Men played semi finals against their perennial rivals Kenyatta University and won 3-2, before playing the finals against a resilient J.K.U.A.T of which they won at a similar margin of 3-2 to qualify for the National play-offs.

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The greatest benefits derived from lecturers and students attending academic conferences are the opportunities to build one’s scholarly network and increase knowledge of new trends in your area of interest. Staff at the Faculty of Theology had the pleasure of attending some really great academic fora in the 2015-2016 academic year.  Some of the conferences took place in Kenya, while others were held abroad.

At the events, staff shared their research findings and volunteered to help on some aspects at the events. What we learnt – in addition to the topics presented at the fora – is that attending conferences and other academic events is a vital component of one’s professional development.

Conferences nurture your professional network

The following scholarly events are just but a sample of our involvement in academic fora in the previous academic calendar:

On December 14, 2015, staff at the faculty of theology attended a one-day consultation at Cambridge-Oxford Club in London, the United Kingdom, under the theme “Future of Religious Freedom Advocacy Consultation,”

Between February 11 and 12, 2016, we attended a conference organized by the Centre on Religion and Global Affairs, under the theme “Religion, Violence and Fragile States,” in Beirut, Lebanon.   Continue Reading


A journey of passion that overcame circumstance

After an accident that rendered him disabled, Michael Mwangi has found new hope in his talent and now showcases his art through his 3 million Photography platform.

The SPU community led by the Students’ association is now fundraising towards Mike’s surgery in India so as to enable him walk again.

By John Kasaine

One Saturday afternoon in March this year, St. Paul’s University students’ center amphitheater was a hive of activity as ladies and gentlemen strutted the catwalk for a good cause. The students had taken to the stage to raise funds for Bethany Kids, a charity ran by Kijabe Hospital to correct cleft lips in children.

The room was packed to the door with students who cheered animatedly as their favorite contestants for Mr &Miss Bethany Kids titles walked the stage in pomp and glamour. Nearer to the runway, on both sides, were a battery of photographers clicking away, careful not to miss that all important shot. Standing out of the group was a young man in his early twenties, seated on a wheelchair and capturing the moments in his Canon 5D Mark III. In his electric wheelchair, he zoomed back and forth as he sought to find the perfect shot. That Saturday, like many other days Michael Mwangi was in his element, doing what he does best.

Michael is a man with a face full of laughter, joy and life but with the story of a warrior. A jovial and humorous man who leaves anyone he meets and greets with laughter. Despite a spinal cord injury that has left him in a wheelchair, the twenty-three year old, second year student of Communication at St. Paul’s University, Limuru, still exudes infectious happiness.

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Symposium on Reflections on the 2017 Kenyan Elections- A Panel Discussion

A symposium on the 2017 elections was held at SPU on 2nd March 2017 to reflect on the coming elections. The panel discussion focused on historical junctures and evolving contemporary events that may have an impact on the outcomes of the elections. The discussions centered on Kenya’s tumultuous political history and the place of the 2017 elections within it, the interactions between ethnicity and elections in Kenya and the impact of elections on socio-political and economic developments in Kenya and the wider region.

Prof. Esther Mombo, one of the panelists emphasized on the place of Christians and how they can use the text of their faith to kick out exclusion and marginalization while protest against violence during elections. “Speak against social injustice as you widen the scope of how you think leadership should be,” She added while condemning the mechanism that is in place in Kenya that seems to support unworthy political candidates.

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A talk on counseling psychology and drug and substance abuse were on the agenda on the second day of the St. Paul’s university week of events which took place at the students’ center amphitheater.

Alex a student of Psychology took to the stage as the first speaker addressing the students on managing emotions.  According to him, how one perceives themselves to be, determines how they react to situations they encounter in real life. He stressed on this point by giving an example of how two people calling someone would react if the phone call is not answered.  A person with a positive view of him or herself will take no offence. One with a negative view of him/ herself would conclude that the other party does not consider them worthy of their time.

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