It was an important meeting of class 8 and their parents at Tigoni Primary. My James is a candidate. I was seated close to the door. She walked in later than I. It took me a moment to recognise her because I am used to seeing her in the universal blue overcoat of her work. Continue Reading


The Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations in Eastleigh (CCMRE) will hold a one week workshop from 21st to 25th July 2014, on the theme ” Being a people of God in an “insecure” Interfaith Context’’. The event will take place both in Eastleigh and at SPU. Canon Chris Chivers, an Anglican Priest who is also the chair of trustees, United Society (formerly USPG) and Ms. Anjum Anwar, a Muslim lady working with Exchange will facilitate the event. Continue Reading


By Ronald Amaya


I love text messages but I am afraid the cell phone revolution is killing the art of emails. Yes, I call it an art with good reason. Emailing should be done with care and lots of attention. That doesn’t hold only for official emails but even for personal emails. Here are the ten commandments of emailing that we should never forget to remember when writing emails.

email photo

1. Thou shall always have a subject
You are writing an email- not a text message on your phone. Most people glance at the subject lines of unread emails and only open the ones that look interesting. If you forget the subject line, your email might never be read. Worse still, emails that have no subject line might easily be misconstrued for spam.


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Students often struggle with accommodation the first time they join campus, Elizabeth Muchiri, an SPU alumni and PR intern at the PR& M department gives you the advice you need to find that ideal apartment or bedsitter.

Ideal space for a campus student

Settling in your first apartment in college probably felt like the biggest achievement of the century. What with the feeling of finally being your own ‘boss’. But while it is exciting to venture out on your own for the first time; the responsibility that comes along with the new found freedom is an unwelcome anxiety in a student’s mind.

Approximately 30 percent of students who start their student life at the university hostels are moving out to live on their own. This can be attributed to several things including accommodation fees, peer influence and a general need for students to be on their own. While there are institutions which require all students to reside within the campus, at St. Paul’s University, boarding is optional for all students. This provides the much sought after chance by students and guardians to make the choice of where the students reside while they study here. Continue Reading