One of our favorite writers is at it again. Nelson Karanja has simply never disappointed and his writing is superbly articulate, punchy and most of all  humorous.

Enjoy our guest blog piece for this week.

There is this little story I read on cleanjokeoftheday.com and it cracked me up. I will paraphrase it for my use though.

A man got a lovely looking parrot as a Christmas gift. Beneath its beautiful exterior, the parrot had one serious flaw. Bad language! The man reckoned that his lovely parrot would swear for five minutes straight without repeating itself. This bird’s foul mouth was driving the man crazy. One day, he just couldn’t take it anymore. He grabbed the bird by the neck, shook him really hard, and yelled, “STOP THIS SWEARING NOW!” large_2689857765This only made the parrot mad and he started swearing even more! The man finally got fed up and said, “Enough of this!” and shut the bird up in a kitchen cabinet. This only served to aggravate the parrot who then began to claw and scratch the cabinet while he cursed even louder than before with a stream of swearing that would make even a sailor blush!

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By Rev. Samuel Githinji

I find that more and more students are asking that I be their referee.  I am afraid that what I say may not mean much if I do not know the person well and yet to recommend the applicant with reservations defeats the purpose for their putting my name down as one who can tell about them.

The Chaplain preaching during one of the services at the main Campus, Limuru.

Unless for exceptional cases I can say very little about:

-Academic and /or professional achievements – as demonstrated by grades received, rank in class, positions held, and exceptional achievements, awards and distinctions.

-Academic potential – quality of analytical skills; ability to think critically, ability to apply skills and knowledge, judgment, originality, initiative, determination and ability to complete projects within an appropriate period of time, research contributions.

-Communication skills – as demonstrated by an ability to read, write and speak clearly in English; community involvement and other relevant extra-curricular activities. Continue Reading


One of our long serving expatriate lecturers is leaving SPU after 5 years of service. His colleague, Dr. Joseph Wandera pays him a tribute befitting a world changer. Jansen worked extensively in Eastleigh to bridge the gap between Christians and Muslims.

With its sewage flooded roads and dangerous reputation, Eastleigh may not be on top of most tourist lists. But there are some around the world who cannot just keep away. Such include Willem Jansen, a lecturer in the Faculty of Theology, who departs from SPU after five years of illustrious service.

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This is a simple yet great message from Isabell Kinya, a first year BBA student to her fellow students as they begin a new semester.

SPU-SignageMaking a change in our lives and other people’s is the main reason why we are here in the first place. Becoming better people who are best placed to change the society means that we work hard, and become focused in the goal to realize our dreams. One thing is for sure, success is something we experience when we work hard and smart.

While in campus let’s network and make friends. I believe we are interdependent and none of us can claim to move forward without a helping hand at all points in their lives.

One very important thing that I have learnt is that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom, knowledge and understanding (proverbs 9:10) and therefore believe in God and do not lean on your own understanding.

Thank you St. Paul’s for giving us a chance to study.

I am proud to be a student of SPU.


The University will hold a conference on the post colonial church from 28th -30th May addressing issues on colonial history, contemporary issues, Theology & Ecclesiology and Evangelism.

The speakers will include Andrew Lairenge, PhD Student (Biblical Studies) McGill University,Canada; Malebogo Kgalemango, University of Botswana (Botswana) ;Julius Kithinji, Kenyatta University; Saugata Bhaduri, Jawaharlal Nehru University; Simi Malhotra, ; Gemma Cruz, Senior Lecturer in Theology, Australian Catholic University among many others.

The topics to be discussed include; “Still A Slave Down The Line” byBusolo George, Friends Theological College (Kaimosi Kenya); “God Incarnate Can’t be Colonized” byChris McManus,Founder of Midwives on Missions of Service (USA);Christian-Muslim Dialogue as A Catalyst for Peace in the Post-colonial Era Africa” by Joseph Mutei; “The Resilience of the Postcolonial Church in ‘De-Ethnicizing’ Church’s Leadership: A Christian Response to Negative Ethnic Influence on Church’s Leadership” by Vundi Nason and more.

The conference will be held at the Student’s Centre boardroom.