Post. by Mr. Nelson Karanja

Come Walk With Me

My adrenaline kicked in the minute I became aware of a consistent sound of footsteps behind me. It was a dark and rainy night and the blackout made matters worse. Not that there were streetlights anyway but I felt it would have been nice to see a few windows lit from the inside anyway.  I glanced over my shoulder nervously and all I could see was a dark and ominous shape a few meters behind me. Instinctively I increased my pace. As if on cue, the footsteps behind me increased their pace to match mine. Continue Reading


By Emmanuel Asena (Peer Mentor St Pauls university Nairobi Campus)

For most students, choosing a course is the most exciting thing when entering university, while graduating with a first class honors is the ultimate goal. But in all this, there is a considerable number of students struggling to get to the graduation list. Reason being, they are not sure they were meant to pursue the respective courses they are in. That is why I am writing this article. Continue Reading