Emmanuel Asena (Peer Mentor Nairobi campus) once again guest blogs for us as he gives a reson why experience isn’t really the best teacher. Enjoy the read.

If you have ever used the above maxim before, then maybe 2014 is the year to adjust to a much better one. I know you are asking why? Let me explain this.

Generally, throughout life and history we learn valuable lessons that revolve around what good and bad experiences are. For instance, the 2007 and 2013 general elections showed us the good and bad of elections. Continue Reading


We would like to congratulate last week’s winners of the #ProudStpaulian campaign. Thank you all for the great job of marketing the SPU brand to the online community. This week, we begin a brand new campaign dubbed  #SPUFacts. Get engaged and learn lots of fun facts about SPU! We shall also give you an opportunity to participate and win assorted merchandise in the course of the week. Continue Reading


An organization culture is not dependent on the hard components of the organization but on the people that make the organization. We have a unique culture at SPU thanks to the Proud St. Paulians – that is why we are running the #ProudStPaulian campaign on social media this week. Students that participate in the campaign stand a chance of winning t-shirts, memory sticks and a wide assortment of SPU branded items. Continue Reading


Emmanuel Asena is a Peer Mentor at St Paul’s University- NAIROBI CAMPUS as well as a student there and he shares the experience of being one in this week’s post.

Nothing can stop a man or woman with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal. Nothing on earth can help a man with the wrong mental attitude.As we begin the New Year, I figured it right to start with the above inspiring quote from Thomas Jefferson. I am sure it will be helpful in getting us started towards achieving our end of year academic and personal life goals. Continue Reading


Dear Students,
Happy New Year 2014 and welcome!
A liturgical phrase from a prayer book of one Kenyan church says, “God … before whose face human generations pass away.” This affirmation acknowledges eternity of God but at the same time the temporality of all creation.  That we are still here and are part of the 2014 generation means our temporal clock is still ticking … thanks to God. It also means that the purpose for which we are here is yet to be fully accomplished. Continue Reading

Yvonne Kawira, a Journalist at the Nation Media Group and an alumnus of SPU is our guest blogger this week and gives us her experience in the career world.

The lessons we learnt in campus, yes even those learnt outside the classroom shape us into either responsible or otherwise employees in the job market.I am writing out of experience as there are many lessons I learnt while in campus that act as an anchor when making decisions out here. How, you may ask, well let’s begin with the simple things such as knowing your role in your own life. Continue Reading