I got to admit that when I first read Nelson Karanja’s pieces I thought I would find him in a literature class but shock on me when I found out he is a mathematics lecturer and a good one at that. He is a colorful writer who paints a picture so vividly with words; you will almost think you are staring right at whatever it is he is describing. This week he has honored us with one of his many pieces as our staff guest writer. Enjoy the read.

It wasn’t one of the Queen’s corgis but believe me when I tell you that this wasn’t just any dog either. It was dirty, shaggy haired, and in its waking hours ordinarily staggering almost in a trance at the heels of its master high on glue. However its importance to our immediate circumstances lay not in its looks or narcotic escapades but on the fact that it now lay sprawled outside our door, dead. It took us just a few seconds after the car had sped off to realise that the dog’s tragic death had effectively reduced our life expectancy to about one quarter of a night. In the gloomy silence of the night the whizzing mosquitoes assaulted our faces in a feeding frenzy as we pondered what to do. My twin brother beat me to it. Continue Reading