The VC together with a representative from the Iranian embassy unveil the book

The Center for Christian Muslim Relations (CCMRE) yesterday launched the book, ‘Mapping Eastleigh for Christian-Muslim relations’. The book highlights the study that was done of Eastleigh in relation to its occupants and emphasizes on the developments in Christian-Muslim relations.

CCMRE was established in 2010 by the department of Islam & Christian Muslim Relations in St. Paul’s University (SPU), Limuru, as one of the University’s practical programmes, in the area of Christian-Muslim relations.

Since 2004, St. Paul’s University in cooperation with churches and church-related organizations in Africa, Europe and the USA, and the Programme for Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa (PROCMURA), has been running a Master’s Programme in Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations (ICMR). 

“The CCMRE project in Eastleigh has been a great example of approaching teaching in an innovative way” said Prof. Galgalo, the VC, St. Paul’s University during the launch.

The book was intended to generate new knowledge of Eastleigh with reference to Christian-Muslim relations and to also evoke deeper analysis and critique as to how mapping can be a useful tool in transforming people’s perceptions of Christian-Muslim relations.

The launch of the book took place at the Eastleigh Fellowship Centre, Eastleigh and was the first publication of the center.


Mr. Gathere from RUPU having a cnversation with the VC after signing of the MOU.

St. Paul’s University has partnered with Ringier Kenya, an Internet marketing firm, for a graduate placement program.

The partnership will provide a network of internship and employment opportunities to SPU students within the Ringier Kenya Corporation. The flagship project for Ringier Kenya is RUPU, an e-commerce platform for various products.

Besides providing employment opportunities for successful interns, Ringier Kenya will also offer on the job skills to SPU graduates to prepare them for employment opportunities elsewhere.

“We are looking at mentoring the graduates and helping them identify their strengths and career interests,” said James Gathere, General Manager Ringier Kenya.

Vice Chancellor Prof Joseph Galgalo hailed the partnership saying it is line with the University’s aim of facilitating its graduates get placement in the job market.

“We are glad that this partnership will assist in instilling extra skills that are not taught in class. Our graduates will greatly benefit from this partnership,” he said.

The two institutions will also partner in holding career talks to SPU students.

“We are glad to be part of this and look forward to adding value to the graduates,” said Mr. Gathere.

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