The peer counselors club last week held their events week in Limuru Campus to sensitize students and staff about the activities of their club. The events begun on Tuesday and on Wednesday they held a one on one counseling session with students around campus. Thursday saw the club host a public lecture where they invited Dr. Wangu, a part time lecturer, to speak to the students about relationships in all aspects of life.

“Students approach us as their peers and friends whenever they have issues. We have students in the club from all programs offered at SPU, that way it is easier to reach out to our colleagues whenever they need us”, said Erick, the club’s chairperson.

On Friday they organized a car wash to raise money to facilitate their activities which include visits to children’s home and rehabilitation centers, activities they have been involved in since the inception of the club.

Last Saturday was set aside for a fun day coupled with training by the Students Campaign against drugs (SCAD), an organization working with students to raise awareness on drug abuse.

The peer counselors club has a busy schedule across the semester. Other activities they are involved in include visiting local high schools for a campaign against drug abuse, crime and other challenges facing the young generation today and mentoring them.

It looks like the peer counselors have their hands full and we wish them well as they continue to grow at SPU.

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IMG_2308Nairobi Campus has organized a public lecture by Rev. Canon Gideon Byamugisha on Living Positively. The lecture to address the HIV /AIDs pandemic is a sideline event of an ongoing HIV testing and blood donation taking place throughout this week at the campus.

The Morning talk is from 11:00 am and the Evening talk from 4:30pm.

There Blood Donation exercise and HIV testing is in partnership with Liverpool Voluntary Counseling and Testing (LVCT) and is taking in ROOM M401.

All students are invited to participate.